Our Clients

We are fortunate to have terrific clients who really value the quality service we provide, with convenience that fits your life.  Generally, our clients are

  • pet owners who want unhurried, personalized care for their pets
  • individuals who appreciate working with a single veterinarian and support staff
  • busy people who appreciate the convenience of being able to carry on their day without the hassle of loading pets, traveling, and waiting rooms
  • pet owners who have pets with limited mobility or have pets that do not travel well
  • owners of multiple pets who want to give each cat or dog quality care while avoiding the hassle of group travel
  • families seeking private, in-home end of life care and support for their beloved pet
Mary Steele
Thank you so much for all you did to navigate us through this uncertain time with our little Uzi. I had no idea that what began as a limp that made me question whether or not I was being an overreactive pet owner by calling for exam would take us on a rollercoaster ride over the past few weeks. I appreciate your thoroughness and counseling (and for not judging me when I elected to not go down the surgery route). As you know, he is definitely on the mend and I thank you for your genuine concern and follow up. Through it all, you, Frank, Linda, and Dr. Carol have been a God-send. Thanks for knowing just what we needed and fitting us in as new things developed. You guys ROCK!
Mary Steele Queenstown, MD 21658