Preventative Pet Care

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best value quality vet care that is also convenient quality, best value dog vet careOur fees are reasonable, and you get modern medicine with old-fashioned service. Because we really get to know your pet, observe him in the most comfortable possible setting that may not otherwise be possible in a traditional veterinary clinic setting, and give you our undivided attention, we gain insights that can cut down diagnostic costs and timeline. Our proactive approach addresses issues before they advance, resulting in greater safety for your pet and less expense for you.
Less stress veterinary medicine and care for your cart or dog quality in home cat vet careNo over-excitement resulting from car travel and waiting rooms. Because your natural home environment is the waiting room, your pet remains in a relaxed state. Taking your pet out to the driveway into our mobile clinic only takes seconds and she/he is in a more curious rather than anxious state during our visit.
Easy to understand informational veterinary care with optionsinformative Vet cat care Communication is key to providing excellent veterinary medicine. We take the time to explain what’s going on, answer any questions or concerns, and provide you with choices. You can rest assured knowing that we will discuss different treatment pathways and options so that you can make informed decisions about your pet’s health that are inline with your own personal situation. We’re here for you and your pet!
one-on-one personalized pet vet care Personal One-on-One Quality Vet Care by Dr. Janet Van HornYour pet is our only patient, and we arrive completely focused on your needs. The doc spends as much time with you and your pet as needed. You are with your pet the entire time, and receive the doctor’s undivided attention. You get to see what we’re doing and how we’re doing it, in a relaxed setting.
We make quality pet vet care convenient Make the most of your valuable time! We can schedule around your busy life so that providing your furry companion with quality care is less of a hassle for you. Dog vet that travels to your homeWe come to you with our well equipped, high tech mobile hospital and treatment clinic where we provide comprehensive veterinary medicine for cats and dogs.

You want the very best for your family, and so do we.


Pets have the most charming ways of enriching our lives, but let’s face it: it costs to be a pet owner. If you want to save money on pet care, the best approach is to keep your pets safe and practice preventative care early. Our approach to veterinary care helps keep your costs down.

Thoughtful Veterinary Care

Dr. Van Horn is noted for her caring, methodical, and conscientious approach to veterinary medicine. Because we meet your pet in his home environment and take the time to completely focus on him, we’re often able to provide additional observations and insights which are impossible in a typical veterinary office visit. Sometimes these simple observations make all the difference. We can work with you in proactive ways before a health problem advances. In addition, we are in a better position to recommend truly viable, practical treatment plans to get the results you want.

Personalized Care is Good for Your Pet and Good for Your Wallet

Partnering with pet parents is key to providing excellent care for our loved pets. Our number one concern, always, is the health and safety of your pet. Not only will your pet receive the doctor’s undivided attention and see the same doctor every time, but our policy is to keep the line of communication open long after we’ve left your home. At Convenient Care Mobile Veterinary Service, partnering with you means communication, understanding, and choices. You can rest assured knowing that we will discuss different treatment pathways and options to do what is best for your pet’s health and your own personal situation.

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